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Lords of Magic

Before video games became the pass-time of millions of consumers they were a niche enjoyed by the analytical, the detail-oriented, the 'nerds'. RetroRemake.org is dedicated to lost design of the hardcore gaming of yesteryear, the epic systems and worlds which were only limited by the technology of the time. Many of these vintage games have IPs that have been forgotten and are just waiting to be reimagined on modern PCs: that's what RetroRemake.org is here for!

Lords of Magic

Lords of Magic

Released in 1998 Lords of Magic combines as many fantasy stylings as it does disparate strategy elements. Wield unpredictable magics as a Chaos shaman, sneak an invading army of Lizardmen from shore to city as an Amazon thief, cut swathes through enemy armies with a burning blade as a Fire giant: All are valid methods for conquering the mystical lands of Urak!

Looking to the Future


RetroRemake.org's current goal is releasing a patch for Lords of Magic which corrects a handful of bugs and balance issues. Once this is accomplished more ambitious plans will be pursued!