Faith in Air

The faithful of Air are the ancient Storm Giants and their short-lived Fae followers. Like the invisible element they worship, Air followers permeate all but are rarely noticed until lightning strikes!



Something about the snow-capped peaks of Urak's highest mountains has allowed these birds of prey to grow large as men and develop sapience. Mundane scholars insist that the climate is ideal for long-range hunters like Eagles, the magically inclined ascribe their evolution to the supernatural qualities of Air.


Storm Warrior

Giants are believed to be the first conscious creatures created by the Gods but their numbers are, and have always been, few. The end of the Age of Giants was marked by the creation of the more virile elves whose social nature and faster reproduction allowed them to develop the first advanced civilization on Urak. The Giants became divided among themselves, some seeing these new beings as a threat to their dominance and others wishing to coexist in peace. The pacifists became the victorious Storm Giants; they stand ready to protect the peace from the ambitions of their ancient rivals once more.


Fae SLingers

The delicate gossamer wings and hollow bones that allow Fae to fly with such ease also make them one of the most fragile races in the harsh world of Urak. Their frailty means all Faeries prefer to fight from a distance, where they can use their flight and small size to evade retaliation.



On the highest peaks on the twin poles of Urak the magic of Air is felt most readily, and this makes them favored sites for Storm Sorcerers' towers. The Mages face unique obstacles in these environs however, the dark of night can last for weeks and it provides ample cover for the tundra's stalking beasts. Storm Sorcerers' bred these giant fireflies to alleviate their problems.


Fairy THief

The strongest of fairies are able to draw bowstrings instead of relying on slings. A powerful bow in the hands of a blindingly fast fairy makes for an inscrutable foe, so these fae rightfully become the martial champions of their kind. Combined with the natural ease with which faeries can sneak through Urak, and these thieves make elite soldiers equal to any Giant at waging war.


Will o' Wisp

Storm Giants are so conspicuous that they have often struggled with hunting effectively, scaring away most prey before they can strike. Sorcerers called upon the power of Air to create the Will O' Wisp, gaseous balls of enchanting light and alluring scent. While in peacetime the Wisps are little more than supernatural bait for their creators' traps, during war they are further enhanced to become deadly balls of lightning.


Air Elemental

The ethereal nature of Air magic makes it mostly invisible to the younger races. The Storm Giants though, they see the winds, vapors, static, and currents of Air as clearly as others see Earth, Fire, or Water. When they come across places where the Air is especially magical Storm Sorcerers will enchant it with a humanoid form and primitive intelligence. Henceforth Air elementals do their creator's bidding, which is usually unleashing deadly lighting, gusts, and cold on their enemies.


Thunder drake

Dragons are highly competitive and territorial and those that are weaker are forced by their brethren to flee to less fertile lands. This is the story of the Thunder Drakes, whose small size led them to the inhospitable ice flows and frozen caverns of Air's domain. Over the centuries Air's magic turned the Drakes into a subspecies that make use of lightning and hail rather than fiery breath.


Storm Sorceror

Solitude and study are virtues most highly praised in Storm Giant culture. These gentle scholars only use their massive strength when erecting the spiraling towers in which they study the mysteries of the element they worship. Years later a Storm Sorcerer will return to his fellow giants with the power to manipulate Urak's atmosphere in unnatural and unprecedented ways.



Unlike their followers Giants have no way of directly transversing the airways and skies of Urak. When giants must travel long distances their knowledge of the winds and innate intelligence allows to to craft beautiful, aerodynamic, and blindly quick ships from crystal and silk.