worships chaos

The faithful of Chaos, a loose-knit coalition of mountain tribes, seek nothing more or less than to be free from subjugation and stricture. The spirits they worship rarely hold a definite form and, like them, Chaos society is in a constant state of change.



Personal courage is one of the few shared values among the Chaos tribes. Heavy armor not only impedes these nomads' travels, they consider it a crutch for cowards. Fighting in little more than animal pelts, Chaos Berserkers are able to wield their massive broadswords with stunning speed.



Lacking both the knowledge and inclination for industrial agriculture and animal husbandry, Chaos warriors have made taming wild mountain horses a rite of passage. Any man who can bend these ornery beasts to his will has earned the right to vast spoils as a Raider.


Beast Lord

Chaos worshipers love dangerous spectacles and their leaders are often glorified performers and entertainers. What performance could be more dangerous and awe-inspiring than riding a tiger into battle? Chaos warlords risk life and limb to utilize the strength and speed of the big cats, and are revered by their followers for it.


Stick throwers

In the mountain tribes nothing warrants as much contempt as cowardice during combat. Men who are branded as cowards are punished by being forced to do battle without proper weapons, given instead a bundle of loose sticks. These hefty branches aren't as effective as a proper weapon but can throw an opponent off balance at least.



The perpetually wandering Chaos nomads rarely achieve much lasting social progress. The harshness and violence of the tribes lifestyles creates a chauvinistic culture in most, one where women are seen as lesser. It takes exceptional skill in battle for a woman to earn respect as a fighter; those Huntresses who do are rightfully feared even more than their hulking brothers.



The risky nature of Chaos magic and battle tactics, as well as being loosely organized at best, means that the barbarians are often outnumbered in battle. Fortunately the greedy goblins that infest the caverns and abandoned tunnels of Urak are easily bribed into swelling the ranks.



Sometimes said to be the result of Polymorph magic gone wrong, others believe it is the form Chaos spirits adopt when they do battle. Regardless of origin Ogres are an incredibly volatile mix of strength, speed, size, and literally split personality, which makes summoning one to the battlefield one of a Shaman's favorite tricks.



Strong as an ogre and even more dim-witted, although more emotionally stable at least, Giants are solitary sapients that constantly roam the wilderness in search of prey for their titanic appetites. When coaxed with feasts their short attention spans can be turned toward defending their Chaos neighbors.



If an Ogre is dangerously unpredictable with two heads than the Hydra is an utter vortex of violence. Legend has it the Hyrdra is a result of a Chaos spirit reanimating the corpse of a Dragon and regardless of whether this is true it certainly describes the power of this beast.



In cultures outside of Chaos worship Shamans would be considered schizophrenic madmen. Among Chaos worshipers they are held in high esteem as being the only humans known to be able to converse with the chaotic spirits. Although possessing limited control over its specific effects the Chaos magic they wield is uniquely powerful.