Worships Earth

The faithful of Earth, the short and stout races of Dwarves, Gnomes, and Halflings see Urak as literal clay to shape as they will. The small size of Earth worshippers makes it easy for them to find shelter in the caverns and undergrowth, where they live in secrecy. Slow, ungainly, and accustomed to tradition the Earth worshipping races despise retreat and defend their homes with unwavering zeal. 



Dwarves are naturally strong and most often work as miners and smiths. These traits cause Dwarves to favor warhammers and heavy armor, which make their infantrymen among the toughest around.



The traditional followers of Earth don't make use of mounts due to the difficulty of stabling and riding them. However, there are occasional converts and mercenaries from other races who serve Earth as cavalry auxiliaries when warfare demands fast movers. 



Dwarves are not militaristic by nature, favoring creation over destruction and receding into the earth over charging onto the battlefield. Dwarves are no pacifists though and wartime brings out a hidden nature in some of them; a talent for organization and a charisma that lends itself to military leadership. Dwarves who prove excellent strategists and comrades may be elected by their peers to take command in battle.


axe throwers

Dwarves' thick calloused hands are ill-suited to operating delicate weaponry. Thankfully their peerless strength and skill in smithing allows them to make excellent use of weighted throwing axes.



The polar opposite of their Dwarven neighbors; Halflings are physically weak and find hard labor contemptuous. The Heroes of Halfling lore overcame obstacles with cunning tricks and, during wartime, Halfling thieves emulate the burglars of legend.



Mud, stone and undergrowth sculpted and then magically animated by gnomes, Shamblers are servants of size and strength for the weak and diminutive race.



Magically crafted and gifted with both permanence and some intelligence, Golems are often used by gnomish magicians as laborers, butlers, and retainers. Golems are expected to fight like any other able-bodied sapient of the Earth when the Faith must wage war.


rock troll

Rock trolls dwell along remote and impassable mountain ranges and are generally indifferent towards humanoids, but can be easily provoked into violence unless offered appeasement by trespassers. When Dwarven mining operations encroach on the outskirts of a Trolls territory an uneasy alliance is often formed. Dwarves fashion giant tools and furnishings for trolls and the trolls lend their strength in battle, when they can be motivated to at least.


Great worm

The depths of the Earth are even more mysterious than the depths of the oceans, and the creatures that reside there even more monstrous. No one knows the origins of the Great Worm, one of Urak's few true mysteries, but it is known to rise from the depths of sand, mud, and dirt to swallow up Earth's enemies when the Faith is especially strong.



Gnomes are too small and weak to have much impact on their environment directly. To counteract these limitations gnomes have long studied how to manipulate the plants and fungi that comprise their homes. The most wizened gnomes are able to manipulate Earth as a supernatural, magical extension of their own will.