Worships fire

The faithful of Fire, Giant warlords and their barbarian armies, see limitless destructive power in the flaming lava flows and heat-distorted deserts of Urak. Like fire and heat this Faith excels in spreading to the lands of, and exhausting the spirits, of all others.


fire giant

Defeated in the first War of the Giants these brutes have simmered with resentment for much of Urak's history. Fire giants have kept their martial skills honed for centuries and now, with the world fractured by Death, they see their chance for redemption and revenge.



The bastard children of the Fire giant's inherited none of their progenitors' knack for stratagem but much of their strength and toughness. Able to endure any heat and lift any load, Rockhurlers' favored  tactic is tossing molten rock at whatever they're told to destroy.



Scrawny, emaciated-even, with leathery skin stretched taut over their thin frames, Imps are one of the few intelligent species that can survive the barren deserts. Perpetually hungry, Fire giants use food to bribe Imps into scouting out Urak's most inhospitable lands.


Dwarven Thief

Hard-working, honorable, and honest by nature, few Dwarves find cause to steal. Those who do are inevitably cast out of their clans and one of the few places these outcasts can find acceptance afterwards is within a Fire warband. Unlike most thieves Fire Dwarves are tough fighters, a trait which serves them well on the nigh-suicidal missions their giant warlords command.


fire elemental

Flame given form by a witch, this Elemental allows the wanton destructive power of Fire to be concentrated and controlled.



Violent, unstable, abominations buried deep in the earth during the Age of the Giants; only the wisest witches can locate a Demon, only the strongest giants can unearth it, and only the most foolhardy lords would seek to command it.



These massive reptilian flyers once ruled the lands of Urak with their flaming breath until the intelligent races hunted them to near-extinction. Only the most power-hungry fools would try taming these monstrous predators so, naturally, Fire lords often try.