The Fields of men

Urak's vast, flat grasslands are the ideal terrain for the Archon peoples of Order who rely on industrial agriculture and planned cities to thrive. The long distances and lack of vegetation make these plains hated by the shorter races of Earth, and the lack of anywhere to hide disrupts the guerrilla fighters of Chaos.


The eldren meadows

Land lying near fresh & pure waterways is often blessed with splendor and Life. Such meadows are favored by the Water and Life worshipers, whom prefer to live at harmony among natural abundance. These verdant fields have such a strong vitality they are an anathema to the forces of Death, in addition to hindering the mountain-dwelling Chaos barbarians and Fire's conquering warbands both of whom struggle to navigate wetlands.


The four Seas of urak

None of Urak's intelligent races can survive in the deep, dark depths of its unknowable oceans. Much of the world's surface is covered by this inhospitable obstacle so all Faiths have developed some seafaring technology, for better or worse. Whether a ship was crafted with the expert arcane knowledge of a Water priestess or made from a slipshod collection of hollowed out timbers by barbarians there is a very real danger of being lost at sea.


The Rough Undergrowth Of Earth

In Urak, forests grow with supernatural speed thanks to the inherit magics of the Earth and the deliberate spells & workings of Earth worshipers. This suits the short races of halflings, gnomes, and dwarves since they find ample seclusion and protection in the impenetrable undergrowth.


The Mires, Bogs, & Swamps that bring death

Death worshipers are despised by all other Faiths and have long gathered in greatest secrecy to avoid persecution. The swamps and other fetid wetlands of dead, still water made ideal meeting places for Death cults. No magic besides Death holds dominion here and the short races of Earth, idyllic Elves of Life, and clear-sky loving Air worshipers are especially impeded. 


The Craggy Mountains of chaos

Nomadic raiders who rely on hunting and war spoils to survive, the barbarian worshipers of Chaos often run afoul of other Faiths. Their mountain strongholds are difficult for an army to traverse and offer innumerable caverns, crags, and outcroppings to wait in ambush. This makes the mountains an ideal 'home' for Chaos faithful to fall back to after their conquests.


The Endless desert sands

Called the Seas of Sand by the Archons of Order, like Urak's actual Seas these deserts are utterly hostile to most life. Unlike the oceans though, Fire worshipers traverse this wasteland with relative ease, being immunized to the exhausting heat and parching dry. Those faiths that especially rely on life-giving water, Water, Air, and Life, struggle even more under the scorching sun.


the Ice-capped peaks of air

The bone-chilling permafrost peaks of Urak's highest mountains are devoid of all life and magics aside from those of the Air. The solitude makes the ice caps excellent places for Storm Giants to study the element they worship. The biting cold and unstable terrain makes them terrible places for the armor-clad warriors of Order and desert-acclimated warbands of Fire.


The lava flows

Molten rock boiling up from the depths of the Earth at Urak's fissures and volcanoes, Lava is of no particular use to any faith or race. The tough Earth worshipers can armor themselves with ash and earth to guard against the flames, the Fire giants and there followers can rely on the magic of their Faith for protection, but all other Faiths suffer immensely when attempting to cross lava.