worships life

The faithful of Life, the beautiful Elves, use their long lives to foster and guide all living creatures throughout the lands of Urak.



Elves abhor the sight of bloodshed and thus, when they must engage in close combat, their favored weapons are staves. Fashioned from the branches of the most ancient trees in Urak, and wielded with superhuman dexterity, these simple weapons can subdue foes with surprising speed. 


Elven riders

Elves object to breeding animals for the purposes of warfare so their horses lack the size and strength of War Chargers. Where the Elven Riders excel is in swiftness of attack and retreat, making them ideal for harassing the weak flanks of enemy armies.


Elven warrior

Reptiles are among the original species that walked Urak and Elves treat them with deference to honor their ancient bloodlines. The most skilled of Elven warriors have even mastered riding these scaled beasts in battle. 



It is known that Elven archers are so precise and their arrowheads so sharp that their targets will die before hitting the ground, without spilling a single drop of blood. Longbows make the greatest use of dexterous Elven hands and preternatural precision, making them Life's most cherished weapons.


Elven thief

Subtlety and patience are the pillars of Elven culture and, combined with their physical talents, this makes them exceptionally talented in the arts of stealth. Elves record their history diligently and well-know the value of espionage during warfare.



Guardians of Old Growth deep within Urak's forests most species cannot so much as step foot within a Dryad's home and survive. The nature-worshiping Elves however have established a trust with these reclusive spirits and they make powerful allies when facing those who would do harm to the lands.



The stuff of Legends, most inhabitants of Urak could not find a Unicorn if they spent a lifetime searching. Only the Elves of Life, and even then only their highest priestesses, know of the hidden pastures these honor-bound beasts defend.



Sages speak of the Pegasi as relics of Urak's primordial creation, the ages of the Gods where they still fashioned living forms with their own hands. None believe they still exist, none except the high priestesses of the Elven Great Temple. The Tree of Life rises to the very heaven where these demigods await riders worthy of them.



Not so much an animal as a living miracle, said to be created by an Elven goddess to prove Life's ultimate power over Death. The Phoenix never truly dies so long as those faithful in it still live.



Eleven women who distinguish themselves within their community are given the option of forgoing motherhood and family to serve the higher needs of Life across all Urak. Intensive study and nothing less than the pure magical essence of Life itself make an Enchatress a healer without equal.