Faith in Order

The faithful of Order, calling themselves Archons, believe their Gods have bestowed upon them the duty of organizing the world toward justice.



These hardy professional soldiers comprise the frontline of Order warbands. Their flails and suits of chainmail are relatively inexpensive and easy to use, making footmen well-suited to battles of attrition.



The shield, the lance, the mighty steed: the devout knights of Order spend years mastering each. 

Training these noble warriors

is an arduous and expensive process, but well worth it, for accomplished knights have an unmatched balance of attack and defense.



Those squires who demonstrate exceptional skill, courage, and faith may be recommended for the Trial by Sword. The victorious are afforded the very best equipment and military education their nation has to offer, then serve as tactical

commanders and peerless fighters among Order's rank and file.



According to the precepts of Order all men are expected to diligently serve during wartime, and the crossbow is the weapon of choice for civilian militias.

Simple yet powerful weapons, combined with armor mass-produced by industrious smiths, make Crossbowmen a sturdy 

backbone for any Order army.



Bred for loyalty and endurance these war dogs are essential for tracking the enemies of Order. Much like the soldiers who raise them, military

Hounds follow orders without hesitation.



Far removed from the ruffian thieves of other Faiths, Order's Rangers are formally educated in both the subtle arts of military espionage and 

brutally practical methods of capturing and assassinating their enemies.


White stag

According to the legends of the Archons their first King once found himself collapsing of hunger while exploring the ancestral lands. Then a giant stag with a pelt whiter than the snow appeared and allowed itself to be slain to feed the desperate king. These sacred beasts still lend their strength when the men of Order face desperate times.



Order's wizards and sages have long held disdain for guardsmen, fearing all potential for spying and gossip. Order's gargoyles are artificial magical guardians disguised as ornaments and statues, and they top many a mage's tower.


warrior spirit

A Paladin's Oath is a pact far beyond words. Their word is a bond of selfless service to their nation; now and forever. In especially dire struggles Wizards can call upon the spirits of these dead champions to animate their ancient armor and fight once more. 



Archons born frail or sickly are far from outcasts. Archons believe all people serve a purpose and those men unsuited to labor or warfare dedicate themselves to a lifetime studying the greater mysteries of Order. These wizards can grow to learn to invigorate their allies' very spirits, motivating them to incredible feats.