Worships water

The faithful of Water, mostly women and lizardmen seeking refuge from war and persecution, see Urak's vast oceans as the ultimate border wall. On their islands the worshippers of Water rely on the element for defense, sustenance, transport, and even combat.



During the Age of the Dragons much fear and prejudice for sapient reptilians fermented in the minds of Urak's civilized peoples. Despite having no relation at all to the fire breathers, Lizardmen were subjected to many pogroms. Now confined to remote islands they have formed an alliance of convenience with the Amazon refugees.


Amazon warrior

Lacking the vast farmland needed to feed war horses, Amazons have adapted by using giant tropic birds as steeds. Although relatively fragile these mounts navigate the jungles and beaches far faster than heavier horses.



Smaller and younger Lizardmen wisely resort to ranged attacks while doing battle. Though crude, their rocks and darts can be flung far faster than boulders, arrows, or bolts. Lizardmen are eminently pragmatic and see no shame in simply pelting their prey to death with stones. 


amazon thief

Navigating the jungles of Urak to hunt the beasts of the tropic islands requires skill, strength, and dexterity. Being unable to forge heavy armor and weapons with their limited resources, Amazon champions rely on the natural abilities they hone in their isolated homelands. Their thieves are the pinnacle of Amazon combat philosophy, fighting near nude to maximize mobility, stealth, and endurance.



Sea monsters long thought to be naught but all-consuming, unthinking predators only the Priestesses of Water having taken the time to tame Kraken. Obedient and surprisingly intelligent when given proper training, Kraken use their ink and mighty tentacles to blind and bind navies that encroach on their masters' shores.


Water Elemental

Water is formless yet takes the form of any container it is exposed to. Water Priestesses make use of this quality by creating ethereal containers for raging tides, and then unleashing the crashing waves right on top of the enemy.



Called 'Dragons of the Deeps' by fisher folk, sages insist Sea Serpents share no lineage with their landbound counterparts. Nonetheless the comparison is apt for, when threatened, serpents also use their deadly breath, powerful jaws and razor teeth to devastate their enemies.


Giant Spiders

Giant insectoids are the most mysterious creatures in Urak for no scholar of any race has proffered a compelling explanation for their origin. Nor are the biological or magical means which sustains such size understood, even hypothetically. Like the Great Worm of Earth, Giant Spiders arise from the sparkling pools of the Great Temple to engulf enemies of the Water Faith when it grows especially strong. 



Given the omnipresence of Water in their tropical refuge, and the iconoclastic nature of these free women, it was perhaps inevitable Amazons would take to worshiping the element. The magic of the Amazons is relatively young and, while lacking the sheer power of the more ancient magical traditions, it is incredibly versatile; flowing like Water itself to fit the shape of any scenario.